11 Baby Acne Tips For Parents

Baby Acne Tips For Parents.In this article we will share 11 proven tips for baby acne.What helps newborn acne  and really spreads black tea for newborn acne.

Baby Acne Tips

Baby Acne TipsBaby Acne Tips

Baby Acne Tips For Parents

I. Wash the face two to three times a day to decrease the oiliness. Avoid squeezing pimples, as they may rup-ture under the skin and cause an infection. Use a baby shampoo daily.

2. Avoid oil-based skin preparations. Use water-based makeup products.

3. Try to avoid working around hot areas, such as stoves with heavy grease and oils, which can worsen acne.
4. Avoid having oily hair hang over the forehead and face.

5. Don’t let the teenager’s face rest on his hands while he is watching television or, with luck, while studying.

6. Topical benzoyl peroxide is available both by prescription and over the counter. It is antibacterial and gets rid of oil. Although it is available in many strengths and preparations, it is best to start with the 5 percent gel, once a day. After two weeks, progress to a twice-a-day regimen if needed. If there still is no improvement, the 10 percent gel can be used, following the same procedure.

Baby Acne Tips

Baby Acne TipsBaby Acne Tips

. 7. Retinoic acid (Retin-A) is an effective prescription topical agent that causes peeling of the skin. It too is available in different strengths and preparations, but it is best to start with the cream, since it has few adverse effects. The lower strength and frequency of use can be increased after two months. Retinoic acid causes an in-creased skin sensitivity to sunlight, so use a sunscreen to prevent burning.

8. Topical prescription antibiotics, such as clinda-mycin (Cleocin TI and erythromycin (T-Stat), can also be used. Discuss these medicines with your doctor.

9. Oral antibiotics are to be used if topical treatment does not work. Tetracycline or erythromycin is beneficial. Although these medicines are initially taken three to four times a day, they can eventually be lowered to a once-a-day maintenance dose. Be sure the adolescent female is not pregnant when she is taking tetracycline. Remember that taking antibiotics for a long time can cause vaginitis.

10. Accutane is a prescription oral medicine used for severe acne. Certain liver-function blood tests should be monitored while the teenager is on this medicine. Be-cause of teratogenic effects in animal models—that is, malformation of the embryo—it is important to be sure that there is no risk of pregnancy.

11. If these topical and/or oral medications do not help, a consultation with a dermatologist is appropri-ate. Dermatologists sometimes use ultraviolet light and dcrmabrasion for severe cases. For older teenage girls, they occasionally recommend low-dose steroids and estrogen hormonal therapy.

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