How to hide Instagram images

Instagram is one of the most widely used and popular social networks in recent years, being part of the group of the most downloaded and used applications in the world, with millions of active users per day and an almost unimaginable amount of images and posts published daily.

The interface of the application system and the possibilities of things to do in it are not so complicated, especially because the idea of ​​the social network itself is to spend time without worrying , for which different processes are facilitated at the level of seeming automatic functions , and since it is so easy to be able to post photos, it is possible that some errors may occur.


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  1. Instagram profiles and their photos
    1. Why hide the past?
  2. So is it possible to save the photos?
  3. Archiving the photos
    1. How to archive photos or images?
    2. The archive tab
  4. Steps to save images on Instagram and not appear on the profile
  5. Set up a profile and make it private so that only your contacts see your photos
  6. How to hide the photos that are uploaded to Instagram from your mobile gallery
    1. On Android
    2. On iOS

Instagram profiles and their photos

The main function of Instagram is to share and view images or photos and sometimes short videos , which all users can do from their gallery, although different ways of posting other types of content have recently been enabled.

More recently, new more varied features have been added such as “stories”, publications that disappear within 24 hours of their publication, or “reels” that function as a substitute for Tik Tok .

And although you can upload a very varied amount of content to the application without the need for it to be of the best quality unlike other types of social networks such as YouTube, it is true that not everything that users upload is the best there could be, which is why some people would want to hide their embarrassing posts.

Why hide the past?

It is very true that we always make the best decisions by having some users upload images or content that can be of very poor quality or can even be considered sensitive content, although it is useful to know that sensitive content is something more avoidable than bad taste, although in some cases it is not a bad reason, but simply the user no longer likes your publication .

So is it possible to save the photos?

In a simple answer, it is now possible and simple , since in the first years of the application’s life many of the functions used were now non-existent, and one of the options was exactly that of saving the photos, since the application only It had the option of publishing images, commenting on the posts and giving them a like or “like”.

And it is that the application has evolved a lot in recent years, allowing to solve problems that could previously be considered irreparable and infinite, nowadays they are simply tiny obstacles . Although it is necessary to clarify how the option to save the images works.

Archiving the photos

When saving the photos, being the name of the “Archive” option, it is possible to hide it either permanently or until the user decides any photo published in the profile, without having to delete the photo or image published, since this can be done with another option and manually. The difference with archiving is that it allows you to view them after archiving only the user in question.

How to archive photos or images?

To archive the images, you just have to follow a very simple process, although it is only available for phones or mobile phones as well as the dark mode option. So, the process to follow consists of selecting an image that the user decides is not necessary, be it an old photo or a collection of photos or even a video of less than 1 minute and selecting the “archive” option that will appear .

To access the image already archived in case the user wants to be able to see it, they only have to return to their profile, and in the option of the 3 bars located in the upper right corner to give it a touch, when opening they will see a variety of possible functions although “Archive” will appear first.

The archive tab

In this section of the profile there will be 3 different files, you can access all the stories published by date or by “newest”, in turn you can see all the live videos that have been published, and finally all the archived publications that there are, and if at any time you want to unarchive the publication, it is an option that is also possible following the same process as archiving.

Steps to save images on Instagram and not appear on the profile

Instagram has the option to save images and publications, in this way we can access this content easily. The best thing about this feature is that you can save content without anyone knowing .

To save images and publications, just press the button with the shape of a label that appears below and to the right of the photo. Doing so will save the photo to the list of saved posts.

To see the saved publications you must go to your profile. Then, click on the three horizontal lines above and to the right. At the bottom the options will be displayed, click on ‘Saved’ and the photos you have saved will be displayed there .

Set up a profile and make it private so that only your contacts see your photos

Instagram has the option to change the privacy of our profile, so that only those who follow you can see your photos . This option can be applied at any time, you can do it in the following way.

The first thing is to log in to Instagram on your mobile. Go to your profile and then click on the button at the top right. After this click on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Privacy’. In the ‘Privacy’ tab, make sure that the ‘Private account’ option is activated .

How to hide the photos that are uploaded to Instagram from your mobile gallery

On our mobiles there is the possibility of hiding Instagram photos. Next we show you how to do it for both Apple and Android mobiles .

On Android

We have the option to hide albums, a function that will be very useful to stop showing the Instagram album. To do this, simply go to the mobile gallery , the options will be displayed in the upper right part.

Find the option ‘Hide or show albums’, after clicking on it you can select which albums to hide. Just deactivate the Instagram folder and it will no longer appear in the gallery.

On iOS

With the iPhone / iPad the matter is a bit more complicated, since you cannot do it with the entire album, anyway, it is done in the following way. Open the Photos application, there look for the photograph that you just uploaded to Instagram. Just tap on the share button and then on ‘Hide’

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